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Our solution for boats

A boat brings joy, entertainment and is practical, but it also requires responsibility and maintenance. Most boat owners are familiar with the problems that high air humidity can cause for all types of boats, whether it be a sail boat, motor boat, ferry, ship or some other boat.

Our Method

Our method consists of two parts; The Vital Protect® mould protection solutions in combination with our unique application method. Vital Protect® is a Finnish invention to mould problems. The protective solution is environmentally friendly, since it is non-toxic and contains no heavy metals. The substance has been tested by the Finnish VTT (technical research centre of Finland) and has received outstanding results and classifications. Vital Protect® kills and capsulates mould, and microcrystallizes into place when it dries, protecting the treated area from new growth. The substance can be used to successfully treat all common building materials and it does not colour wood or other building materials. Due to our unique application method the solution permeates the structure and protects all treated areas. In boat interiors we treat surfaces and structures through small, drilled holes, and exteriors are treated on the surface.


Sail and motor boats


Teak and other wood surfaces and structures are particularly suitable for treatment, since the humidity sensitive wood receives a strong protection from mould, rot and swelling once treated. By treating the boat interior mould is eliminated with long lasting results, and also biological smells disappear. Boat decks are also treated for a higher durability against water and humidity. Boat hulls can be treated as a mould wash, after which barnacles can easily we wiped off the surface.

Glass fibre
A treatment of glass fibre surfaces or structures effectively eliminates mould and biological smell with long lasting effect. Treating boat hulls is an effective method of washing surfaces from mould and barnacle.

Other boats
Our method is also suitable for treating various types of ships and ferries, such as cargo ships, passenger ships and other vessels. We successfully treat freight/cargo spaces, cabins, public spaces etc. Due to the method being non-toxic and heavy metal free, the treated spaces can be used immediately after treatment.