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The substance used in our method, Vital Protect®, has been studied and tested for more than 10 years with very good results. VitalProtect® mould protection and Vital Protect® flames resistance have both been tested by the Finnish VTT (technical research centre of Finland) and has received outstanding results and classifications:

VITAL PROTECT® Mould protection

VTT 31.3.2000 Comparison of insulation material
A comparative VTT test studying mould formation on various insulation materials as well as other materials coming into contact with the insulation showed that Vital Protect® protected cellulose insulation was the only material that remained mold/mildew free. Furthermore, contact surfaces of materials that next to the insulation also remained mold/mildew free.

VTT 5.4.2000 Statement regarding the treatments effectiveness
According to the study the Vital Protect® solution is highly effective against noxious insects and the most common types of rot fungi (saprotrophs).

VTT RTE 4055/00 Possible damage to stone based construction material
The treatment is found to be non-corrosive for the tested materials; concrete, mortar, limestone, and brick.


VTT RTE 1909/00 9.6.2000 The treatments effectiveness tested under the most severe circumstances
Treated objects/materials demonstrate an average value of 0.17 where the limit is 1 on a 0-5 scale. Untreated objects/materials’ surfaces were tested under the exact same conditions and demonstrated an average value of 5.